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Bluetooth is a wireless replacement for cables between devices in a personal network. It is used to connect devices such as keyboards, mice and headphones to a computer or mobile device. Bluetooth can also be used as secure method for sharing files and printers between devices. Bluetooth has low power consumption, and a range of around 10 meters for class 2 devices, and 100 meters for class 1 devices. Bluetooth profiles allow devices to easily communicate with each other and share resources. The Bluetooth 2.0 standard allows devices to communicate at up to 2 Mbit/s.

A Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth is useful in embedded devices for easily attaching peripherals such as mice and keyboards without the need for cables. It is also useful for allowing embedded devices to communicate and share files when in close range. Bluetooth functionality can be added to most devices with the addition of a suitable Bluetooth module.


Further Information


  • Bluetooth enabled devices are widely available.
  • Small size of Bluetooth Module
  • Ease of use.
  • Low cost.


  • Small range is limiting in some situations.
  • Low bandwidth compared to Wi-Fi and cable based connections.

Bluewater Systems Experience

Bluewater Systems have developed several projects which incorporate Bluetooth wireless functionality using for example a Mitsumi Bluetooth Module.


Sneetch is the project name for a PDA development platform. It was designed to evaluate a PDA used for surveying. It incorporates a Snapper 270, Bluetooth, GPS, a camera, LCD display and runs the Windows CE operating system. Bluetooth is used to sync with an attached desktop PC, among other uses.



A vehicle tracking device which integrates GPS, GPRS modem, Bluetooth, 1GB storage, a wide range of I/O options and Snapper CL15 into a tiny unit intended for vehicle mounted operation (project name 'Dory'). The Bluetooth module is visible in the lower right corner of the photo. Dory

Bluetooth on the Rig 200


The Bluetooth Plus Module is available for the Rig 200 as either a serial or USB device. The module measures a little over 10mm by 30mm and can be connected to a header on either the Rig 200 baseboard or the Location Plus Module. The Bluetooth Plus Module has been designed to be easily attached to boards other than the Rig 200, although an on-board Bluetooth solution may be more suitable for many embedded devices.


The Bluetooth Plus Module incorporates a Mitsumi Class 1 Bluetooth Module and is supported on the Rig 200 under Linux using the BlueZ utils ( Under WinCE Bluetooth supports Activesync with a Windows PC.

In order to use Bluetooth on the Rig 200 you will need: