The Modular Design Processmod1

Fundamental to the Modular Design process is the use of Bluewater Systems' Snapper Single Board Computer Modules. These modules have been developed to meet the core microprocessor requirement of many of today's electronic products and deliver core functionality such as SDRAM, flash memory and Ethernet. By utilising a range of ARM based microprocessors, a Snapper Module will deliver a level of embedded CPU performance suitable for a wide variety of applications. Once a core Snapper module has been chosen, a range of product features can be added to the product design from existing and proven feature elements. These are typically existing components and associated circuits that can be `dropped' into the overall product design.

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  • Lower Design Costs - By utilising a cost effective Single Board Computer module and additional feature elements that have already been tested and proven, the overall cost of developing new products is dramatically reduced. Savings of up to 80% can be achieved.
  • Faster Development Time - For many products the majority of the hardware design may be available prior to a project starting. This means that less development time will be needed and result in a product being delivered faster.
  • Lower Risk - By using tried and tested elements in a design, we can be much more confident of getting a design right the first time and lower the risk of having to do design respins.
  • Higher Flexibility - With the range of options provided by our Snapper modules and feature elements we can offer an extremely flexible range of peripherals and functionality. This makes it possible to add those 'nice to have' aspects to a product rather than having to focus on the minimum achievable.