ARM Expertise on Your Project

Our Expertise


The first ARM chip was brought to life at Acorn Computers in the early afternoon on 26th April 1985 after many man years of design effort. Just two years later, Bluewater Systems' founder was working with one of the first ARM2 processors to roll off the production line at VLSI.

Our experience with the ARM chip goes back to before ARM Ltd was started in 1990 to develop and market the technology. Today that experience is available to you through Bluewater Systems' consulting services.

We have successfully completed a large number of projects for many companies around the world. By focussing exclusively on ARM technologies we have an unrivalled knowledge of the ARM architecture. We continue to offer the best ARM expertise available in the industry.

From hardware bring-up to full product design, from ARM code optimisation to OS ports, we have the engineering capability and expertise to deliver to your requirements.