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Cortex-M1 is ARM's soft core aimed at FPGA. It is similar to Cortex-M3 and supports the Thumb-2 instruction set and the advanced microcontroller features such as the clever interrupt latency reduction technology. Cortex-M3 is most well known through Luminary Micro. After initially supporting Actel, late last year ARM announced the availability of its soft core Cortex-M1 for Altera Cyclone 3. Priced at US$2500 including a netlist of the core and software development tools, this is a great solution for those wanting to put a CPU and logic into the same chip. Altera also provides its NIOS 32-bit CPU for its FPGA. Integration of Cortex-M1 provides access to the huge range of ARM tools and software support available, on a widely used FPGA family. This should be an interesting development. ARM also supports other FPGA - see their FPGA page for full details.