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Bluewater Systems participated in a project called Sky Challenge which allows high performance aerobatic aircraft to race through virtual courses.  Using high precision GPS and inertial systems the aircraft's position is sent to a heads up display, which displays a series of objects for the pilot to fly through.  Spectators on the ground were able to watch the actual race in the sky, and a real time computer enhanced version which showed the virtual objects. Bluewater Systems' part in the project was the development of a heads-up display system which the pilot used for flying the course , and co-development of a microwave communication link which sends the positional data for the aircraft to the ground.  The heads-up display software was developed by working closely with a number of aerobatic pilots.  The main goals of the software were to provide the pilots with as much information as possible, without cluttering up the screen. Since Sky Challenge was open to an invite-only audience, have a look at what we were able to experience firsthand. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7651500.stm

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