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The Bluewater System's 9260 Quickstart Kit offers two methods for connecting a high resolution digital camera.  The first option is to use the flat flex connector on the Snapper 9260 module itself.  This method can be used to easily add the Bluewater Systems 3 Megapixel digital camera board (see https://bluewatersys.com/design/showcase/digitalcameras.php) to the 9260 Quickstart Kit.  The digital camera board comes with all necessary software for using the camera, including a library which provides a simple, easy to use library for developing camera based applications.  The flat flex connector can also be used for custom designed camera boards.  The pin-out includes 4 general purpose IOs (from the Snapper 9260s IO expander), which can be used for connecting to signals such as reset, strobe and trigger on an image sensor. The second method for connecting cameras is to use the camera pins on the 9260 Quickstart Kit header.  This allows any digital image sensor to be quickly connected to the Quickstart Kit for prototyping and testing.  Up to 12-bit image sensors are supported.  Most development kits for image sensors provide a pin strip on the image sensor board, which can be easily wired to the header on the 9260 Quickstart Kit header. Combining a Quickstart Kit, a digital camera board and Bluewater System's PTP-USB library (see https://bluewatersys.com/blog/?p=74) allows for quick prototyping of a handheld digital camera, with USB connectivity to a standard Windows PC for downloading photos.