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Recently I was working on the power supply for our upcoming SnapperDV board. I needed a small efficient power supply to generate 1.3, 1.8 and 3.3volts for TIs TMS320DM355 which is the CPU on SnapperDV. On our Snapper270 design a TPS65021 is used which is a tripple DC/DC converter with two LDOs. Something similar would be ideal. After looking at all the options, strangely the same power supply chip seemed most suitable. Current limit looked good, the power fail detection comparators can be used instead for voltage sequencing, VRTC can be used as a system monitor voltage, the nINT output can be used as a voltage supervisor, The LDO can be used to power the CPUs PLL. It actually works out to be a very good fit - even though it is recommended for a PXA270 series CPU and it is not being used 'as intended'. Taken into account that we have these in stock given they are used on our SN270 product and it looks to be a very good proposition indeed.