Bluewater Systems has developed the Big-Eye security camera system. Big-Eye uses a 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and includes features like power-over-Ethernet, WiFi, IR motion sensing, day and night operation, solid state internal and external storage and even audio in/out. Our latest development with Big-Eye includes a tilt and pan enclosure which is rated for internal and external operation. Installation is as simple as connecting power-over-Ethernet to the camera and providing 24VAC to drive the tilt and pan motors. The tilt and pan operation is driven directly by the camera and can be operated via the GUI software, which can potentially be operated via the web. Below is a picture of Big-Eye in this tilt and pan enclosure. BigEye in a tilt and pan enclosure

In conjunction with our Bigeye 3MP camera system, we have begun work on a PTP/IP implementation. This allows camera systems to be managed remotely over a network, using a standard IP protocol, facilitating interaction with a range of pre-existing camera management suites. The system should also be compatible with Microsoft's MTP system, allowing it native integration with Windows Vista.