In 2004 the first Snapper Single Board Computer Module was designed by Bluewater Systems. Snapper 255 is a powerful module which incorporates an FPGA, Ethernet, USB OTG, LCD with touchscreen, 64MB SDRAM and 512MB NAND Flash, all on a board smaller than a business card. Snapper 255 has been used in various designs since then but sadly is now coming closer to the end of its life. The Intel PXA255 microcontroller (now under the ownership of Marvell) that was originally used is unfortunately nearing the last time buy stage with no pin compatible replacement available. Marvell will sell stock as long as it is available, but the last time buy will be in the next six months. Grey market stock will still be available after this date but will prove to be more expensive. Bluewater will continue to sell Snapper 255s and liaise with existing customers to forecast future usage and ensure that sufficient stock is available. Snapper 255 is a great building block for embedded designs, proving to be a great tool to test product software before the final product is made. In saying this we have numerous other Snapper modules to take its place. Snapper255