Many years ago while at ARM I remember then CEO Robin Saxby getting us involved in his vision to sell one ARM chip to everyone on the planet every year. At the time I think we were at a few million, so it seemed an impossible goal. Nevertheless it was an inspiring thought, particularly as we knew first hand what the technology had to offer. ARM is now shipping 90 processors per second globally, which is around 3 billion per annum. Given the rate of growth in ARM's volumes, this is getting very close to achieving his vision. Part of the change in recent years has been a larger focus on lower-end micros. Luminary Micro didn't exist four years ago but now have a range of 134 ARM micros available, several priced at US$1. Other existing players such as ST Microelectronics, Atmel and Philips (now NXP) have also made efforts in this area. It looks as if Mr Saxby's goal will be achieved in the next few years. I wonder how they are motivating the troups at ARM these days?