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About Bluewater Systems

Bluewater Systems is a leading developer of electronic technology and products.


Bluewater Systems' vision is to empower companies to realise the benefits of ARM technology through world class engineering and design services.


Bluewater Systems was founded in 1996 by Simon Glass who had worked with ARM technology for many years, and held several positions at ARM in Cambridge, UK and Austin, Texas. Returning to his home country of New Zealand, he quickly realised that companies in the region were largely unaware of how ARM technology was sweeping the world and transforming electronic design. Bluewater Systems started with the goal of educating designers and managers in New Zealand and Australia about the many benefits of ARM technology.

Today Bluewater Systems employs 20 dedicated staff and several long term contractors. The business has expanded to provide ARM and other electronic consultancy services to companies around the world. Bluewater Systems provides product design services, hardware and software development and project management services, many based around ARM technology. Bluewater Systems has the latest tools for FPGA design, PCB design and layout, software development and debugging and hardware analysis and offers a highly competent and competitive service. The company has also complimented its development services with the Snapper range of System Modules and the Rig range of development boards which are marketed through its partner company,

In 2005 Bluewater Systems was a finalist in the New Zealand High-Tec awards and in 2006 won an Australian EDN innovation award. The company is based in Christchurch New Zealand. In 2010, Bluewater Systems became part of the Aiotec Group which expanded its capability in embedded power electronics, rapid prototyping, reliability engineering and project management.


Some of the reasons why clients choose Bluewater Systems as their development partner:

  • Our ARM expertise is second to none.
  • We have an extensive range of in-house IP and products which cuts development time and cost.
  • We do not re-invent the wheel. Where appropriate we actively use and contribute to Open Source software.
  • For start-up companies developing new products, we offer a 'product share' arrangement where we deliver the product at a reduced cost, in exchange for a share of the profits from the product. This aligns our incentives very closely with the clients'.