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Come change the world with us!

We are always looking for great people!

At Bluewater Systems we employ a range of highly skilled individuals to ensure that our engineering and management teams are of the highest caliber. If you believe that you have what it takes at a to make a difference to our company then send us your CV and a covering letter outlining your strengths and experience. As a growing company we are always on the look out for talent, especially in the fields of:

  • Hardware Engineers
  • PCB designers
  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • FPGA programmers
  • Sales and Marketing

ARM Technology is the future

ARM technology is changing the world as it enables the rapid development and cost-effective manufacture of advanced portable electronic devices. Products such as cellphones, the Apple iPad, Playstation Portable, inkjet and laser printers and network switches employ ARM technology.

ARM ships one chip per person on the plan each year and they are going out at the rate of about 200 per second as you read this.

Bluewater Systems' vision is to enable all companies to make use of ARM technology through tools, consulting, support and system modules.

Embedded Technology - but like desktop development

Traditional embedded development has revolved around crappy little 8-bit micros which are hard to use, limited in functionality, and frustratingly miles from modern desktop development. ARM has changed all of that. For a few dollars, ARM Partners sell full 32-bit bit modern microcontrollers which can operate on microwatts of power while doing useful work.

Developments which may have taken months with a old microcontroller can be completed in weeks with an ARM chip due to a combination of ease of use, fewer limitations and better tools.

ARM tools are among the best in the industry and Bluewater Systems has invested heavily in the best and latest available tools. This ensures that we have a highly productive engineering environment with the right tools for the job.

The embedded development undertaken at Bluewater Systems is in fact closer to desktop development. We use real 32-bit C/C++ compilers, GUI toolkits such as QT and SDL, full Linux kernels for many projects, and often ethernet networking. We have built up a level of expertise over years which allows us to quickly apply our skills to the latest project.

Working environment

Bluewater Systems operates in a business complex within the avenues, sharing office space and innovative design concepts with an industrial design firm that we have partnered recently with.

The environment is fairly casual and relaxed, except perhaps when deadlines are looming.


We currently employ technical people from the following disciplines:

  • PCB schematic design - using Cadence PCB Design Studio / Concept HDL
  • PCB layout - using Cadence Allegro
  • Component sourcing and ordering
  • FPGA development - using Quartus or ISE
  • Software driver development - mostly C
  • Applications software development - mostly C, sometimes C++

Other roles represented are sales and marketing, system administration and accounts.