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Accelerate your time to market and save money through Bluewater Systems' world leading electronic design services.

Welcome to Bluewater Systems. As a leading developer of advanced electronic products, our expertise, products and experience have helped customers all over the world realise their business goals faster and for a lower overall development cost.

Bluewater Systems is a fast growing technology company formed in 1996 to specialise in the development of ARM based embedded electronics. Bluewater has provided expert hardware, software and FPGA design and development services to a range of international customers such as the Australian Department of Defence, the New Zealand Navy, NEC, Extronics, Gallaghers, ARM and Emirates Neon, in addition to many of New Zealand’s leading technology companies. Bluewater Systems is part of the Aiotec Group.

Using our large array of previous design experience and extensive in-house library of reference designs enables us to complete technology development faster and more cost effectively.

Bluewater Systems has years of experience in a range of specialist areas including: GPS tracking, defence and aerospace contracting, solid-state storage, imaging / security, display systems and industrial control solutions.

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Telephone: +64 3 377 9127

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