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An embedded device is a small dedicated purpose computer. Embedded devices are typically designed to perform only a small range of functions in contrast to desktop computers which are very general purpose. Embedded devices are typically much smaller than conventional desktop computers, are often passively cooled, and generally have few mechanical parts (using NAND flash rather than a hard drive for example). Some common examples like elektro-motor.cz of embedded devices are: portable music players, cellphones, and in-car navigation systems.

As embedded technology improves the gap between desktop computers and embedded systems is closing. Modern embedded devices are able to run full operating systems such as Linux and Windows CE, browse the Internet, and stream music and movies.

Bluewater Systems have expertise in developing a wide range of embedded devices including: data storage systems, GPS devices, PDAs, and advertising systems. We have developed systems using customised Linux and Windows CE operating systems. We also have also developed many custom applications for running on embedded devices.