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Bluewater provide a full range of professional development services and consulting.  Whether you just need some assistance with a specalist area of technology or you need a full product development project we've got the skills and experience to save you time and money.


Our design process has been refined over many years and has proven to be robust and effective in many different types of projects. By using pre-verified IP blocks we reduce design time, risk and cost - we call this 'Modular Design'.  Projects are broken down into a number of stages based mainly on the engineering discipline required in each stage.  


Our expertise extends to many areas of electronic development and design. For more information please select one of the topics below:

  • Product Development — Hardware design, prototyping and production preparation, platform and applications software, integration, testing and production management.
  • PCB Design - layout and schematics for advanced multi-layer PCBs.
  • Software and Application Development — Specification, design and development of user software for an ARM or other embedded platform, including testing, documentation and user interface
  • OS Porting — Porting of an Operating System to an ARM platform, including kernel, drivers and GUI
  • FPGA Design — Coding of FPGA logic for ARM systems, including AMBA peripherals, acceleration engines and interface hardware
  • Algorithm Coding — Coding of DSP, video, audio, 2D graphics and image processing algorithms in an efficient manner on various ARM architecture variants
OUR TOOLS37-tools-arranged-together
Even the best engineers cannot perform without the right tools. Bluewater Systems has a tools arsenal to match most consulting companies in the region. We have invested in the very best tools available in the industry. This allows us to achieve very high productivity levels and offer even better value for money.

To see for yourself, take a look in the lab.

To request details regarding our Consulting Services, please with your needs or give us a call.