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Bluewater Systems IP Library

Bluewater Systems has spent the last 12 years developing and maintaining an in-house library of reference designs. We use this library to assist us in creating the most efficient and time-saving design for each new client's product. This allows a focus to be placed on the unique aspects of a product and eliminating some of the more time-intensive development aspects. Below you will find a basic coverage on our IP Library:

  • Custom Linux-Based BSP: This supports all of our current Snapper range of system modules and include an easy to use online package distribution system, allowing for instant access to new software for the customer.
  • Custom WindowsCE-based BSP: This includes support for both the Snapper 270 and Snapper 9260 System Modules. It gives a full Windows experience with all of the well known Microsoft applications available.
  • Advanced Network-Capable Boot Loader: This is installed onto all of our modules and custom baseboards. It allows for booting from a multitude of sources, including TCP/IP based networks, USB, SD, NAND and EEPROM/ This makes custome development much simpler, as re-programming for every test can be avoided.
  • Embedded Graphics Library: This provides an easy to use graphical environment optimised towards resource-limited embedded devices. This is ideal for small screens with heavily customised display (such as industrial control applications).
  • Cross-Platform Utility Library: This allows for easy porting of software from ARM Linux, to x86 Linux, to Win32. Using this library, it is possible to maintain the same application across all platforms, easing debugging effort and development time.
  • Cross-Platform Imaging Library: This library is used in our camera products and provides much simplified access to the underlying camera APIs. It also includes facilities for fast image conversion between various colourspaces (YUV/RGB), as well as various image file formats (JPEG, BMP, TIFF).
  • PTP, PTP/IP Implementation: Used in most modern camera devices, the PTP protocol is typically provided over a USB link. As it is a recognised standard, cameras which implement this protocol will automatically work with all major operating systems. This implementation has been used in several commercial products.
  • Small-Medium Scale Test/Production System: This system allows for automatic testing of a variety of aspects of a custom board. It provides for high-speed code download either via JTAG or Ethernet, and is capable of validating test point and final unit functionality automatically.