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ti_logoTexas Instruments have announced a new processor range in their Sitara family - the AM335x. These Cortex-A8 devices contain a familiar range of features, such as a 720MHz core, OpenGL 3D acceleration, Gigabit Ethernet and DDR 1/2/3 support. However the announcement of the $5USD pricing (in 100k quantities) will allow these processors to be used in a new range of cheap devices, bringing superior performance to a larger market segment.

Together with this announcement was the release of the new BeagleBone from TI. Similar to the BeagleBoard, this $89USD development kit sports one of the new AM335x processors, with an easy credit-card sized form factor.

Based on the support that the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard have received from the community, the BeagleBone looks to be an excellent addition, with a very nice price point.

For further details on the AM335x release see .

For further details on the BeagleBone release see .

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