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In conjunction with our Bigeye 3MP camera system, we have begun work on a PTP/IP implementation. This allows camera systems to be managed remotely over a network, using a standard IP protocol, facilitating interaction with a range of pre-existing camera management suites. The system should also be compatible with Microsoft's MTP system, allowing it native integration with Windows Vista. http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/

We are working on a high resolution network camera called 'Bigeye'. The intended use is for security and monitoring applications where full remote operation is required. Bigeye can operate either with power-over-Ethernet, or using WiFi, and can take high quality pictures at 3 Megapixels (about 10x the resolution of a a standard IP camera). Built in features include IR motion sensing, day / night operation, internal 1GB storage, 802.11b/g networking, GPIOs for control and sensing and expansion for things like temperature and tamper sensors.