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Update Your Product

You have a successful product in the market, but:
  • It is getting a little dated
  • You can see an opportunity for a new product
  • Customers are asking if you intend to 'refresh the product'
You need something with:
  • Wireless technologies like WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth
  • More storage, both internal and SD card support
  • Faster processor
  • Larger / better / colour display
  • Updated Operating System (Linux 2.6, or WinCE 6)

How Bluewater can help

  • We use our expertise to understand what makes the current product great
  • Conduct a solid feasibility study to research options and clear the fog / uncertainty
  • Use our library of proven IP blocks to update those parts which need replacing
  • Quickly create a working model of the new design at minimal cost, using in-house Rig 200 technology
  • Estimate both the development and final unit cost
  • Design, develop and prototype the new platform
  • Port existing software to the new platform
  • Create APIs for new hardware features such as cellular GPRS internet, WiFi
  • Reuse existing material and avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Find the best technology options to implement the required features


We can get you on the way in four steps:

  1. We analyse existing product and design, new requirements and constraints
  2. We create a feasibility report detailing the various options, including pricing and any other opportunities / suggestions we can foresee
  3. You place an order for the development
  4. We create the design


A client in Adelaide had an ARM9-based agricultural unit which needed updating to an ARM11 class processor, with floating point and 3D graphics capability. However the rest of the design was mostly good enough for the application.

Bluewater Systems analysed the existing design and produced a proposal to update the processor, memory, flash and power supplies. We then completed the design and schematic work as well as bringing up these core parts of the new design. We also ported Linux to the device including drivers for the display, CAN and various other features.

The new design made use of similar package technology to the old (e.g. a larger pitch industrial ARM11 CPU was used), thus allowing the product to be manufactured on the same production line and with many shared components. The design was handed back to in-house engineers to continue development and re-use the design in other projects.

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