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Convert your idea into a product

You have:

  • An idea you are sure the market will love
  • Investor backing and expertise to ensure market success
  • Concept drawings, feature lists and/or a clear visible for the product

You need:

  • A company which can turn your idea into reality
  • Innovation electronics design meeting cost/power/size requirements
  • Suitable enclosure design
  • Route to production based on a successful prototype
  • A design house that your investors can bank on

Bluewater can help

We have completed many projects where the idea was much clearer than the implementation. Our expertise and experience help to ensure that you go down the right path and get your idea to market before anyone else.

  • Innovate and practical expertise to keep your idea in the realm of the possible!
  • Solid feasibility study to convince investors to invest, identify risks and pitfalls, costs and required steps
    • (Or alternatively, you find out early and cheaply that it is infeasible or too risky / expensive)
  • A route through development to prototype and production
  • Suggested changes to reduce cost / risk with minimal impact on functionality
  • Existing pre-verified IP blocks which can be pressed into service
  • Experience of how a good result was achieved in other projects

Case Study

A UK company had an idea of a new type of camera for the oil and gas industry. It had to have a high resolution and plenty of storage, yet be small and run on AA cells. It was important that the camera survive drops onto concrete and submersion in water.

Bluewater created a proposal for the development and assisted with feasibility tasks. For example, Bluewater helped the customer to evaluate alternative image sensors which would fit the required form factor. We created a working prototype design and refined this in a few iterations to produce a final product suitable for manufacture, working within the 3D enclosure model provided by the mechanical design house. We produced all software for image capture, USB connectivity and features such as flash and audio recording. We liaised closely with the image sensor manufacture to achieve the performance goals of the project.


Getting your project to the point where our design process can take over can be acheived in a few steps:

  1. We distill your ideas into a clear requirements specification
  2. Conduct a thorough feasibility study to identify risks, provide design options and quotes, create concepts and estimate unit costs
  3. If required, create a working model to assist with refining the concept and for user testing and trials
  4. Design and development