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You need:

  • A full prototype in as little time as possible
  • Full software support including Linux / WinCE support
  • To start in-house application software development now

Bluewater can help

Subject to current project load, we can provide an urgent service for feasibility and design to get your idea to prototype in the shortest possible time

  • A full feasibility report in as little as 2 weeks
    • Full report identifies options, risks, costs, time-lines
    • Bill of materials (BOM) cost estimate
    • Fixed price quote for most of the project
    • Clear route documented for project from start to finish
  • Design using pre-verified IP components
    • Reduces design risk and cost
    • Components from our pre-verified IP library where possible
    • Ready-to-go CPU modules
  • Working model for your software development
    • Typically including 80% of required features
    • Selected LCD display with touch input
    • Ethernet, USB, VGA, serial, SD, Compact Flash
    • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XScale, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8
    • WiFi, 2G/3G / GPRS, GPS, Zigbee, Bluetooth
  • Rush prototype manufacture (<=2 weeks)
  • Circuit bring-up by our skilled and vastly experienced engineers
    • Full bring-up report identifies problems and suggested design changes
    • Best tools including logic analysers, scopes, current-limited power supplies, surface mount rework station, etc.
  • 5 prototype boards in 90 days


An aircraft company approached Bluewater Systems with a requirement for a new low-power intelligent Linux-based control board. Requirements included two CPU modules with fail-over, WiFi, SPI and I2C interfacing, UARTs, 5-port Ethernet, 3 CAN ports, Squid debug interface for each CPU module and a few other features.

The project from feasibility/specification to delivery of 5 working units with software and documentation was completed in just under 12 weeks. The rev0 boards functioned substantially as expected and the customer was able to continue with its programme using this board.

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If you need a complex product designed and prototyped in 90 days, contact us to see how we can help.