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Examples of Our Design Expertise

Bluewater provide a full range of professional development services and consulting.  Whether you just need some assistance with a specalist area of technology or you need a full product development project we've got the skills and experience to save you time and money.

65-consulting-ARM-int-boardOur expertise extends to many areas of Electronic development and design. For more information please select one of the topics below:
  • Product Development — Hardware design, prototyping and production preparation, platform and applications software, integration, testing and production management.
  • PCB Design - layout and schematics for advanced multi-layer PCBs.
  • Software and Application Development — Specification, design and development of user software for an ARM or other embedded platform, including testing, documentation and user interface
  • OS Porting — Porting of an Operating System to an ARM platform, including kernel, drivers and GUI
  • FPGA Design — Coding of FPGA logic for ARM systems, including AMBA peripherals, acceleration engines and interface hardware
  • Algorithm Coding — Coding of DSP, video, audio, 2D graphics and image processing algorithms in an efficient manner on various ARM architecture variants