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Expertise and Tools

73-consulting-lab-picA poor workman blames his tools. But not altogether without reason...poor tools are a leading cause of missed deadlines and undiagnosed bugs in embedded systems.  An engineer needs development tools, and the better the tools, the better the result and the faster it will arrive. At Bluewater Systems, we have invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars in the right development tools for each type of project we undertake.

This section summarises the major development tools used by our engineers in consulting projects, what each tool does and why it is useful. The tools described are:

  • Oscilloscopes for examining high speed analogue signals
  • Logic Analysers for examining and logging high speed digital signals
  • RealView Tools for bringing up hardware and writing and debugging test programs
  • Cadence PCB Design for high speed PCB design and layout
  • Integrator for advanced system prototyping
  • Other tools including power supplies and rework stations