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The Design Process: Modular Electronic Design

Bluewater Systems uses a modular electronic design strategy for developing embedded electronic products. This empowers organisations to rapidly develop, prototype and commercialise advanced microprocessor based devices. By combining tried and tested feature elements with a range of off-the-shelf Snapper Single Board Computer Modules, a customer can achieve a unique, yet cost-effective PCB layout quickly, accurately and at a fraction of the traditional development cost. Design options are endless, making the modular process ideal for companies wanting to develop handheld, networking, automotive or industrial solutions.

Modular Design delivers customers all the benefits and experience of Bluewater's team of leading embedded engineers but without the cost and time associated with a fully customised hardware design. By enabling a project to combine an existing Snapper Single Board Computer Module with any number of pre-designed product feature elements such as 802.11 WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, battery charging and LCDs, a unique hardware design can be created quickly and without the need for complex component investigation and testing. Software drivers and Operating System support are available with each module.

Once all the required feature elements have been selected they are rapidly combined into a custom PCB layout and the job of prototype testing can begin. With an expansive range of feature elements already available, the process is ideal for today's advanced electronic products.



See our modular design brochure for more information.

In addition to the modular design approach, Bluewater offers a full electronic research, design and development service. With our base of stable partners we are able to offer fully customised feasibility, enclosure design, PCB layout, manufacture, prototyping, software development, FPGA coding and compliance testing to our customers.